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Here’s a Funky Izakaya-ish Spot on 20th

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Q: When is Tao Yin not Tao Yin?
A: When it’s Pink Zebra, a new restaurant-in-restaurant from a Mission Chinese vet that’s now soft-open five nights a week.

Q: So this is a restaurant? In another restaurant?
A: Exactly. Tao Yin mostly does takeout these days anyway. So it makes sense, sort of, that you might want to come into the dining room (see the slideshow here), settle in under some red rice-paper lanterns and say hi to chef/owner Jesse Koide, who’s been at Blowfish Sushi, Bar Tartine and Mission Chinese Food.

Q: Why’s it called Pink Zebra?
A: Chef Koide really likes his pink zebra-striped bandanas.

Q: That he does. Okay. So expect Japanese-ish food here, yes?
A: Yes. At the counter, it’s omakase. So that’s pretty enticing for a date who can ride out 14 plates of nigiri, ocean trout and pickled vegetables. There’s also an alcove not far away that’s good for groups who are into spice-rubbed chicken-heart skewers, kimchi and veal over rice, and focaccia fry bread with kombu and dried seaweed.

Q: Has anyone invented a restaurant inside a restaurant... inside a shoe store?
A: All in due time.


Pink Zebra
inside Tao Yin
3515 20th St
(at Mission)
San Francisco, CA, 94110


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