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Charcuterie and Wine on Lower Greenville

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If you dislike food and wine, stop reading.


Great, you’re still with us.

So we’ll tell you about Clark Food & Wine Co., a comfortable spot for sharing smoked meats, flatbreads and beverages, opening Friday on Lower Greenville. (See the slideshow here.)

This place used to be Billiard Bar. It’s a lot different now. For starters, no pool tables. But also, it’s sporting a white marble bar, communal wooden tables and brick walls lined with local art. It’s nice. It’s also where you’ll share brisket meatballs and charcuterie boards. Check out the menu if you don’t believe us.

Then when you’re swinging by for drinks and snacks, grab one of those large tables up front. Ask for a jar of smoked-catfish dip and a glass of wine on tap, then be pleased when they arrive. But if it’s a private dinner you’re after, a two-top in back and a smoked whole chicken is a sensible approach.

Oh, and for right now, it’s dinner only. But your lunch hour will soon be improved by crab rolls, salads and these guys being open to serve such things.

Which is really the key to all this.

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