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Sleeping in a Sculpture in London

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The great thing about art: it can be just about anything.

And the great thing about “anything”: it can be a lavish suite in a five-star London hotel.

In particular, the one at The Beaumont, a just-opened hotel in London’s Mayfair district that’s brimming with pomp, circumstance... and a gigantic sculpture with a suite inside, taking reservations now.

Check this place out. It’s like a British sequel to The Great Gatsby:  palatial marble floors, art deco frescoes, a restaurant with crimson leather booths and those tiny little lamps—not to mention white-gloved porters who shed real human tears if you try to carry your own luggage (we assume).

But when you enter, you’ll notice: that huge, Transformers-looking thing perched above the entryway. That’s called ROOM. It was designed by a Turner Prize–winning sculptor named Antony Gormley. So technically it’s art. And it’s got a very small, very dark, very wood-paneled room inside that’s certified for human occupancy. So technically you can sleep there.

Not to get technical or anything.


The Beaumont
8 Balderton St
Brown Hart Gardens, Mayfair
London W1K 6TF
United Kingdom,
+44 20 7499 1001


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