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Handmade Belts for Holding Up Your Pants

None The office. The store. A dinner date.

Those are just three situations that (typically) require pants.

So as long as you continue needing them, you’d better find something to hold them up.

Here to help: FH Wadsworth, an NYC-based outfit that’s just launched a collection of colorful handmade belts, online now.

These guys have a real knack for doing dapper, hand-stitched things with grosgrain fabric and double D-ring buckles. Specifically, fashioning those items into casually natty belts for putting around your waist and then later admiring each time you look down.

So go ahead and weigh your options. There’s the red-and-white-striped Clipper belt, ideal for any boat-related scenarios. The Maxim belt wouldn’t look out of place traipsing through Italian wine country. And then there’s... every other belt. Versatile, colorful numbers for pairing with shorts, chinos, dress pants and other things you put on one leg at a time.

Well, maybe not a swimsuit.

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