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Bird Dog Bay: A Place to Buy Bright Clothes

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Look down at your wrists.

Handsome: yes. Great place for a watch: yes. Intimidating: not particularly.

Enter Bird Dog Bay, a Chicago-based maker of brightly colored ties, shirts, socks and many a shining example of devil-may-care wristwear, now open in Ogilvie Transportation Center. (See the slideshow here.)

So, hey, not the sexiest location in town. But step inside before you start throwing garment-related prejudices around.

It’s the first retail location for the company, which has cultivated a solid online allegiance from places like men’s shops in Lake Forest and yacht clubs in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Basically, anyplace where “old chap” might still be said is a good market for them.

And as you’d expect, patterns are a big deal. They’re on everything from Italian silk ties to boxers. Random stuff like golfers and football players and black labs and dancing crabs.

But what you’re really in it for: the cufflinks. The 12-Gauge Links are imported from England and (sure enough) modeled after 12-gauge shotgun shells. Just weird/intimidating enough. They also have fly-fishing lure cufflinks hand-tied by Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters.

In case you’re ever fly-fishing in French cuffs.


Bird Dog Bay
117 N Clinton St
(between Randolph and Washington)
Chicago, IL, 60661


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