In Vein

A Club for Curing Hangovers

None The Breakfast.

The Mickey Mouse.


... This club’s better than all of them combined.

It’s The Hangover Club, the latest in hangover obliteration via both IVs and brunch, now taking appointments.

They’ve got three kinds of healing drips on offer. Each one handles all the unpleasant stuff on those days when heads ache and the sun turns evil.

You’ve also got three ways to make this happen:

1) Book online and have them come to where you are.

2) Hit one of the spas they’re posted up at (that’ll happen soon), and schedule a massage and maybe some of those eye cucumbers to go along with the IV. This option is almost healthier than if you’d never drank in the first place.

3) Soon, they’re going to start doing brunches. Hangover brunches. Where bacon and Nutri-Drip treatments exist on the menu side by side, basically mocking the entire concept of a hangover.

You’ve reached peak hair of the dog.

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