Thirteen Pies

Sweet Thirteen

It's Called Thirteen Pies. It Has Thirteen Pies.

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But first, we go live to Buckhead, where a new development is threatening to become sentient and take over the city.

Or at least open a pie shop...

You’ll call it: Thirteen Pies, a new place with pizza and a patio and a future you just sitting there smiling. It’s opening Tuesday in the Buckhead Atlanta development, and you can see the slideshow here.

Pretty straightforward as far as pizzerias go. Take that name. It refers to how they have... 13 pies. It’s dimly lit with exposed brick walls, a pinewood bar and two limestone-encased ovens in the open kitchen. You know what to do with that stuff.

If you’re thinking this sounds like solid casual-date territory, good thinking. You’ll get a four-top by the bar. One of you will get a Corpse Reviver #2 and some meatballs. The other: draft Peroni and the pizza with lamb sausage, smoked provolone and jalapeños on it.

And good news for your post-pie nightcap: there’s a small patio that’s literally designated for cocktail-drinking only.

Bless these people.


Thirteen Pies
250 Buckhead Ave, Ste C317
Atlanta, GA, 30305


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