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Pie Hard

A Casual Pizza Joint at Preston Center

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Noon approaches, and it’s happening again.

The conference table, that pie chart, the clock...

Everything’s starting to look a lot like pizza.

You’d better get some lunch, quick.

So here’s Project Pie, a casual, counter-service pizza shop that’ll cook your lunch in two minutes flat, now open at Preston Center. (See it here.)

When pizza’s at stake, due diligence is in order. So below: a numerical breakdown of what’s important.

Stone hearth ovens tasked with cooking those pizzas: 1
Temperature at which it operates: 800 degrees
Hotness factor by burn degrees: 3rd
Number of seconds required to cook your pizza: 120
Signature pies on the menu: 8
Number of those pies with prosciutto: 2
Probability you like prosciutto: conservatively 1/1
Ingredients for building your own pizza: 30
Types of cheeses: 5
Possible permutations for creating the ideal pizza: too many to count
Number of salads on the menu: 3
Number of salads that are actually “pizza salads”: 1
Chance you might get a salad now: > 0

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