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Biscuits and Drinkable Bacon in Park View

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Nothing is permanent in this life.

We’re not going all angsty on you. Just telling you that you better grab the biscuits and the sweet potato pie while you can.

Here then: EatsPlace, a row house in Park View where you’ll find chefs popping up for rotating stints.

This is a homey little brick-lined place, built from the shell of a 1919 house and complete with front and back patio. (Take a look here.)

Between now and January, they’re expecting lots of people. Like:

Who: Mason Dixie Biscuit Co.
When you’ll find them: Mornings and afternoons.
What they’re offering: Interesting breakfast sandwiches like adobo lamb/egg/jalapeño, platters like the Sloppy Giuseppe (an Italian sloppy joe) and sides like Pork-Rind Butter.

Who: DC Born & Raised.
When you’ll find them: Evenings.
What they’re offering: Elevated soul food like duck sausage, shrimp and grits, and sweet potato pie with butter cream.

Who: EatsPlace.
When you’ll find them: All the time, being that they run the place. And the bar.
What they’re offering: Drinks, designed to go with the cuisine du jour. In this case, that means sweet-tea cocktails and the Drink Your Bacon, with bacon-infused bourbon and orange/honey syrup.

Pairs well with bacon.
Note: <a href="" target="_blank">EatsPlace</a>, opens next week, 3607 Georgia Ave NW, 202-882-3287, <a href="" target="_blank">follow us on Twitter</a> for updates, <a href="" target="_blank">see the Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. menu</a>, <a href="" target= "_blank">the DC Born & Raised menu</a>, <a href= "" target= "_blank">the drinks menu</a> and <a href= "" target="_blank">the slideshow</a>


3607 Georgia Ave NW
(between Otis and Princeton)
Washington, DC, 20010


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