Crossing the Stream

A Coffee Bar That Becomes a Cocktail Bar

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Picture the coffee shop from Friends. With the baristas shaking gin drinks.

It might have made the show funnier.

It also might have been something like Slipstream, a hybrid coffee shop/cocktail bar, opening in mid-October on 14th.

Check out this place. It’s bright. Cheery even, what with the white brick, big windows that open to the sidewalk and a massive skylight in back. And it’s a place where you can find something at any time of day.

So here goes...

9am: If you’re in a hurry, there’s a quick grab-and-go line. Otherwise, make for the curvy, walnut bar. Order an egg-and-pork-belly sandwich and coffee brewed to order in high-tech pour-over machines.

10am: Commence a day of unbridled productivity.

6pm: Return, professional successes behind you. By now, miniature barn doors will have opened to reveal the spirits. They’ve got seasonal drinks like Thai-chili vodka with hibiscus syrup and bourbon with espresso-infused vermouth. But really, they’ll want to create a custom drink for you, so they’ll start by asking if you’re looking for something sour, refreshing or spirituous.

Who knew that was a word.


1333 14th St NW
(at Rhode Island)
Washington, DC 20005


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