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Three Meals (and Whiskey) in Highland Park

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Some things never get old.

Eating three square meals per day: one of those things.

So until science develops some pill to handle that for us...

There’s Front Room Tavern, the retooled restaurant inside Hotel Lumen that’s now open for all your breakfast, lunch, dinner and whiskey-related needs, of which you have many.

And now, some factual tidbits.

It looks all friendly inside. What with the sunny windows, light wood tables and comfortable booths everywhere. So you’re equally equipped for client breakfasts, second dates and inadvisable client dates. (See the slideshow here.)

The food comes from Michael Ehlert. He of Campo and Hibiscus. And here he’s making you green-chili migas for breakfast, croque madames for lunch and lobster cavatelli for dinner. (See the menu here.)

The bar’s sporting eight cocktails. Good ones, too, like the bourbon-y Brass Tax and the mezcal-and-pisco-spiked Smokey Mo’s.

There’s still a hotel above you. Just in case after-dinner drinks lead to after-drinks drinks, in which case a room might come in handy.

Boy, if you had a nickel...

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