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A South American Import with Ceviche and Pisco

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—Nachos post on Instagram

You never forget ’em.

Same goes for Peruvian sushi...

At Segundo Muelle, the first US outpost of a famed South American cevicheria, soft-open now in Coral Gables.

Restaurant St Michel. It had a hot minute back in the early aughts. But then it packed up its brunch and closed its doors, and the space sat idly by just waiting...

... for something like this: a Peruvian ceviche joint. One that feels like you’re heading out for a day at sea. (See the slideshow here.)

And while that’s all great, here are four more reasons to partake in its bounty:

1. Risotto con lomo saltado. They’ve taken risotto and topped it with a flambéed sirloin steak and shoestring potatoes. That’s nice.

2. The ceviche-sushi-tiradito bar. Manned by a chef they brought with them from Peru.

3. Speaking of bars: the Pisco Chilcano made with ginger ale. And pisco. You got the pisco part, right?

4. The charming disposition of Coral Gables’ meter maids.


Totally kidding about that last one.


Segundo Muelle
162 Alcazar Ave
Coral Gables, FL, 33134


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