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A Friendly House of Pot Roast and Beer

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Here are three fun facts about Victor Hugo:

—Elected to French Parliament in 1848.
—Published Les Misérables in 1862.
—Opened an Oak Cliff restaurant in 2014.

The timeline seems fuzzy, but those are the facts.

Go investigate at VH, a casual new restaurant and watering hole from a real, live gentleman named Victor Hugo, opening tonight in the former Outpost spot on Beckley Avenue. (See it here.)

Sometimes you just want a home-cooked meal. That you don’t have to cook. Or be home for. Enter, this place. It’s serving up things like pot roast with cheddar grits, and it’s doing so inside a little white house. One with wooden tables, an electric-blue sofa and a big front patio that’s just in time for fall.

So bring a date. Hell, bring two dates. No, wait, don’t do that. Maybe just bring some friends. Then gather around a table and call for cold beers and something else comforting. Like a pork tenderloin that’s lovingly wrapped in bacon. (Here’s the menu.)

This week, it’s dinner only, but lunch service starts Tuesday and weekend brunch begins next Sunday.

So it’ll be less awkward when you show up at noon.

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