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Your Fall Gear Is Here

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Sure, clothes make the man.

But man makes the cool, hidden ateliers where you can try on the clothes, relax on a leather couch and generally feel pretty damn good about yourself.

Way to go, man.

And way to go, Boga, which has discreetly opened a store/showroom in the West Loop. (See the slideshow here.)

We told you about Boga in March. Based in Chicago. Perfectly engineered denim. Insanely soft European-made dress shirts. Basically, it’s all stuff that is casual-business-meeting-then-drinks-with-that-girl-from-accounting... -appropriate.

But sadly: online only.

Well, they realized some things this summer:

1. Shirts go really well with shoes—also with vests, blazers and ties.
2. Insanely soft things crave to be touched.

So cut to today. See that little door near Sepia’s event space? Open it. Yes, you’re in the right place. Now take the elevator to the fifth floor.

To your left, lots of warehouse activity. (That’s the design and online fulfillment area.) Allow yourself to veer right. Toward velvety settees. Toward a chesterfield sofa. Toward... clothes. (We assume you’re not here for the furniture.)

Now touch all the nice things. Go ahead. Stroke the silk and cashmere plaid blazers. Caress the weave of the smart merino wool sweater. Examine the craftsmanship of the derbies.

Now be warned, touching leads to wearing. And wearing leads to...

... other people touching.


133 N Jefferson St, 5th Fl
(at Randolph)
Chicago, IL, 60661


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