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A Tiny New Cacao Store. In a Factory.

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1.a mark, fault or other imperfection that mars a substance or an object.

Now, normally you would use this word in a negative connotation.

But normally, you’re not using the words “bean-to-bar chocolate from Cacao” in the same sentence.

Time to acquaint yourself with the Cacao Atlanta Factory Store, a new tucked-away mini shop that’s now parting with heavily discounted, just-shy-of-perfect chocolates inside of their previously employees-only factory on the Westside. (See the slideshow here.)

You’ll walk into a huge brick building. Immediately in front of you: a partition that hides the industrial kitchen from your virgin eyes. Eat some samples while you wait for assistance. Make a happy I’m-eating-chocolate face.

Soon enough, a jolly chocolatier will lead you into a shoebox-size room with diminutive chandeliers, curtains and shelves full of chocolate.

It’s basically a scaled-down version of the VaHi shop’s retail section. Hot cocoa mix. Himalayan sea salt bars. And soon, chocolate skulls and cranberry-ginger salami logs for the holidays.

And yes, the stuff in clear packaging might be “slightly broken” or have an “unintended consistency,” but you won’t even notice. Stuff’s still great. Just maybe don’t gift it to a first date.

Mailman’s probably fine, though.


Cacao Atlanta Factory Store
202 Permalume Pl NW
Atlanta, GA, 30318


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