Things to do for September 18, 2014

The Weekender

Pie Delivery and Lots of Food Trucks

The weekend’s in your court.

A Significant Report on Baked Goods

A Significant Report on Baked Goods

Today in cake news: Cake Bar has just opened at Trinity Groves. Go there for 16 cakes (Neapolitan, German chocolate) plus cookies and ice creams.
Today in pie news: Emporium Pies is now on Artizone, which means bourbon pecan pies are coming straight to your door.

Great news day.

A Suitsupply in Stanley Korshak

A Suitsupply in Stanley Korshak

The Amsterdam-based Suitsupply has just opened a shop-in-shop concept at Stanley Korshak. So swing by if you’re in the market for nicely tailored suits, blazers, button-downs and/or shoes. Everyone wears shoes.

Block Partying at One Arts Plaza

Block Partying at One Arts Plaza

Pop quiz. Choose the correct answer.

a) cocktails and snacks from Proof + Pantry
b) soba from Tei-An
c) music from Hunter Sullivan
d) all of the above

Right, the correct answer is d. Oh, the question is “What’s happening tomorrow night at One Arts Plaza.” Probably should’ve led with that.

Eating All the Salsas

Eating All the Salsas

Chips and salsa. One of the world’s great food pairings. And one you can fully explore on Saturday at Dallas Salsa Fest. So first, grab as many chips as you can carry. Then proceed to sample a dozen salsas. Finally, drink some local beer. Following directions is easy sometimes.

A Park Full of Food Trucks

A Park Full of Food Trucks

Chasing food trucks: exhausting. Showing up to a green park where 14 food trucks (the Butcher’s Son, Easy Slider) are waiting to feed you: less so. And that’s what’s happening at Reverchon Park on Sunday. Well, plus some live music and a beer garden. Figured you’d be okay with that.

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