Things to do for September 18, 2014

The Weekender

A New Italian Spot, New Beer and Oysters Galore

Don’t cross the weekends.

You Haven’t Heard the Beatles Like This

You Haven’t Heard the Beatles Like This

Imagine an alternate universe where the Beatles were some sort of jazz or funk group instead. Tonight, this alternate universe exists at the Beehive, as local musicians take the stage and deliver some very different Beatles covers throughout the evening. No word on sitars.

Sep 18, 9:30pm-1am, The Beehive, 541 Tremont St, 617-423-0069

Ball and Buck Made a Beer. Here She Is.

Ball and Buck Made a Beer. Here She Is.

The inevitable has happened. Ball and Buck just made a beer. It’s a collaboration with Harpoon called Double Barrel IPA, it comes in its own wondrous growler, and it’s available for a limited time at the Harpoon Brewery Beer Hall. Yes, all the ingredients are American. We’ll take other unnecessary questions now.

You Just Got a New Italian Place

You Just Got a New Italian Place

Four things to know about Bel Ari:
1) It used to be Sorriso Trattoria. But now it’s a different restaurant.
2) It’s still Italian. Hence all the lamb meatballs and lobster gnocchi.
3) It has huge pictures of naked nymphs playing with pasta strands on its walls.
4) Yes, nymphs.

Like Hitting the Oyster Jackpot

Like Hitting the Oyster Jackpot

Surely the Fairmont Battery Wharf has some kind of oyster fest. Well, they don’t. Until Sunday, that is, when their first one kicks off with bivalves from 10 local growers, live music and food from the chefs behind Row 34 and other places you trust with seafood. Unless you have seafood trust issues.

A Ghostbusters-Themed Evening Awaits

A <em>Ghostbusters</em>-Themed Evening Awaits

It’s hard to believe Ghostbusters just turned 30. It’s even harder to believe it took three decades for someone to hold screenings in a speakeasy with three cocktail courses inspired by the movie (read: alcoholic Ecto Cooler) paired with snacks like booze-infused Twinkies. “That’s a big Twinkie.” Say it.

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