Tale of the Tape

Studio and Mach 8

None 20 Photos Studio and Mach 8
In one corner: a hardcore dance club where Pink Elephant once stood.

In the other: a twisted velvet fairy tale of a spot in Union Square.

Only one can come out alive.

Actually, that’s not true. Sure sounded cool, though...

Check out Studio (left) and Mach 8, a couple of new subterranean clubs opening up tomorrow. You should check them both out in the slideshow. But first, let’s see how they stack up.

The Vibe
Studio: Artist Domingo Zapata does Alice in Wonderland all over the walls. It’s even weirder than the book/movies.
Mach 8: Old Vogue shots blown up and painted over with shiny dust by their photographer, plus a pretty elaborate light show deal.

The Drinks
Studio: A rogue’s gallery of gins and tonics from the people behind the cocktails at Kingside and the Roof.
Mach 8: Cocktails on your way to the floor, bottle service once you’re there.

The Dancing
Studio: Optional but encouraged.
Mach 8: Absolutely required—there’s a heavy deep house thing going on here.

The Easter Eggs
Studio: Behind the bar there’s a Mona Lisa. Keep your eye on it. Eventually, Mona Lisa’s tongue comes out.
Mach 8: Electrified bottles of Dom—there’s a switch on the bottom that lights up the label.

It’ll all make sense when you’re there.


at the W New York Union Square
201 Park Ave S
(at 17th)
New York, NY 10003

Mach 8
179 MacDougal St
(at 8th)
New York, NY 10011
official website


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