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Well, this is huge.

Both in the figurative sense and in the, you know, 20,000-square-feet sense.

It’s Space Ibiza NY, an immense warehouse of sparkling things and unabashed gyration by way of Spain, opening tonight in Midtown West.

Just a few things to be aware of going in:

—You probably know this, but the Ibiza location of Space is arguably the most storied party spot on earth. Leo and Rihanna pencil it in whenever they can. So no pressure here.

—Any DJ worth their salt will turn up eventually, probably not always announced.

—They’ll be importing go-go dancers direct from Ibiza (they make up 45% of the island’s GDP).

—To come: a roof (next year, kids) and a basement lounge (soon).

Now, take a look around already.

Welcome to the main floor.
Get acquainted. You’ll never have this much space there again. Nor will you want it.

The disco balls are alive.
Or at least they move all over the place. After a certain point, there’s not much difference.

There’s a lounge in some of the shipping containers you’ll see.
And thus began your habit of looking into shipping containers for any signs of a lounge.

Here’s where you’ll take a breather for a minute.
Exactly one minute.


Space Ibiza NY
637 W 50th St
(at 12th)
New York, NY, 10019


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