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BBQ, Lemonade and a Tiny Patio in Buckhead

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Girl behind counter: “Hey, you. Welcome to 521 Kitchen & Que, our brand-new smoked-meat haven for quick lunches of the sliced-brisket-and-homemade-lemonade variety. We just opened in Buckhead. But I guess you knew that part already.”

You: “Hi. That was a really detailed salutation.”

Her: “I can be silly sometimes. What can I get for you today?”

You: “Good question. I’m open to recommendations.”

Her: “Well, we’re owned by a Rathbun’s vet and his wife, so... everything? But if that’s too much, at least get a BBQ’D Grilled Cheese. It’s basically a big grilled cheese with your choice of pulled pork, smoked chicken or sliced brisket in it.”

You: “Yes. That. Maybe some fried jalapeños and boiled peanuts, too.”

Her: “Good call. Now take this number, sit wherever you’re comfortable, and we’ll bring out your food. On the wooden banquette, on the three-table patio or at a two-top underneath the photos of the skyline and Chastain Park. Us being so close to Chastain Park and all.”

You: “I really couldn’t have done this without you.”

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