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Vietnamese Sandwiches on SMU Boulevard

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And now, a quick look at a few sandwiches.

Steak sandwich: delicious.

Pork sandwich: delicious.

Chicken sandwich: delicious.

The takeaway: most sandwiches taste good.

The other takeaway: you’d probably enjoy having a midday meal at Banh Shop.

That’s because it’s an indoor/outdoor space that sells a lot of Vietnamese sandwiches (aka banh mi). It opens Friday on SMU Boulevard, and is the product of an unusual collaboration between Yum Brands—the folks who run Taco Bell, KFC and others—and some people behind Malai Kitchen. (See the slideshow here.)

Think of this as a banh mi factory. Or just a casual Vietnamese restaurant. Either way, here’s what we suggest: come in around 12:30pm someday with or without another person. Order something at the counter. Glance admiringly at the 1960s Vespa. Make a comment like “Nice Vespa.” Take a seat inside or outside. In a few minutes, devour one of their eight banh mi, like the steak, the pork meatball or the coconut chicken breast. Celebrate your achievement with a beer. Or a cup of corn. Up to you.

One other thing: later this month they’ll have a miniature version of this place at Terminal D at DFW. Which will be nice if you’re hungry before a flight.

Note: it won’t be so miniature that you can’t walk into it.

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