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A Very Big, Very Irish Castle for Sale

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Just kidding. You’re receiving this because we figure you might like to see a huge Irish castle.

So take a look around Adare Manor, a monolithic 19th-century castle turned hotel that’s now up for sale—gardens, golf course and all.

Herewith, a thorough rundown of what we mean by “and all”...

Year constructed: 1830
Total acreage: 766
Total bedrooms: 62 (see a few of them here)
Rooms inspired by Versailles’s Hall of Mirrors: 1
Total yards of the golf course: 7,453
Irish Opens hosted on said golf course: 2
Capacity of the “Minstrels’ Gallery”: 200
Concerts you’ll hold here: 1 per summer (give or take)
Involving actual minstrels: 0
Stained-glass windows: 365
Chimneys: 52
Trout-filled rivers: 1
Times you’ll refer to said river as “the moat”: all of them
William Jefferson Clintons who’ve stayed here: 1
Earls of Dunraven who’ve resided here: 6
Purchase price of this place: $33 million*

*Does not include legal costs of declaring your own earldom.

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