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Two Floors of Tacos and Tequila in AdMo

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Attention: this is a transmission by TBS, the Taco Broadcast System. This is not a test. Please do not adjust your email.

Tacos have been reported in Adams Morgan. Repeat: tacos have been reported in Adams Morgan.

You can find them at Johnny Pistolas, opening tonight on 18th Street in the wood-and-brick environs formerly known as Carriage House.

We do indeed have visual confirmation. Approach carefully, as these tacos may contain fried oysters, beer-braised pork and falafel with tzatziki. In fact, they’ll almost definitely contain those things, should you order the nine-taco-strong chef’s assortment. They also like to associate with things like Oaxaca Salmon and chocolate/marshmallow flatbreads.

Experts advise that the effects of such tacos will likely be enhanced by the Mexican/Latin cocktails and beer you know and love, plus some wild cards like the Johnny Reviver (basically a gin mojito with cucumber and mango).

Finally, it’s best to approach them from the 20-seat front patio, the communal tables near the front windows or the cavernous upstairs bar, which will be hosting DJs on weekend nights, and showing football on a 120-inch screen for weekend brunch.

Stay tuned for an important message from the Bottomless Brunch Channel.


Johnny Pistolas
2333 18th St NW
Washington, DC, 20009


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