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The Chelsea Club Fashion Week Deserves

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Welcome, models.

Suppose you’ll be needing a place to congregate and dance together and talk about all those wonderful model-y things.

And so we’ve taken the liberty of constructing The Leonora for you. It’s a dark, dashing club’s club in the depths of Chelsea, and it’s opening tomorrow for Fashion Week parties, and next Saturday for real.

We also bet that if you talked to Michael Strahan or Dame Dash or Noel Ashman or any of a number of other celebrities, they’d claim that it was really them who constructed it for you. That would be so like them.

Regardless of who constructed what, grab a bottle and a table under one of the Patrick McMullan photos (for comparison’s sake), and enjoy the slideshow.

You get a pass for looking at slideshows of places you’re currently sitting in. You’re models.


The Leonora
525 W 29th St
(between 10th and 11th)
New York, NY, 10001


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