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Ping-Pong. Shuffleboard. Beer. America.

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First, Lady Bird was Lyndon B. Johnson’s wife.

Second, Lady Bird was a lake in Austin, Texas.

Third, Ladybird is Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall, a new Beltline-accessible restaurant (whose name was partially inspired by those first two things) with a Leon’s vet in the kitchen and a King + Duke vet behind the bar, opening any day now in the Old Fourth Ward. (Check out the slideshow here.)

A place that looks and feels like summer camp for adults sort of speaks for itself. But these pictures probably won’t hurt either...

This is a 48-star American flag hanging next to some taxidermy, framed gun sketches and wooden communal tables. Rally your troops accordingly.

And here’s the patio, where you’ll eat things like crab imperial and Navajo fry bread before playing ping-pong on a half-hidden table.

Back inside to the bar for 12 regional beers on tap (Orpheus, Creature Comforts...), four wines on tap and one very annoyed bear in a Sam Parker mural.

From there, feel free to walk through those garage doors out to the screened-in porch with a custom-made shuffleboard table and potted cacti on it.

We’ll also accept cactuses.


Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall
684 John Wesley Dobbs Ave
Atlanta, GA, 30312


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