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Oysters and Orange Crushes in AdMo

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So long, summer. Although it’s nice to see pieces of you still hanging around.

Like 95-degree days.

And boardwalk-style bars in Adams Morgan.

Here’s Pop’s SeaBar, the kind of chef-driven seafood shack that Ocean City only wishes it had, opening Thursday from the folks behind Cashion’s.

It’s pretty much all bar here (raw and otherwise). If there’s a few of you, camp out downstairs, where there’s a couple dozen stools amid the hand-painted beach signs and lightbulbs on ropes. (Check out the slideshow here.) Or head upstairs to a smaller, moodier bar for a casual date.

Either way, here’s what you’re ordering:

Beachy refreshments. An Orange Crush made with grilled oranges, for instance. Or just a can of beer complete with a koozie.

Oysters. At least five of ’em, mostly from the East Coast. Or get them fried with pickled hot peppers.

Griddle-cooked burgers. The thin ones. Topped with American cheese and an egg.

An ice-cream-sandwich luge. It’s a miniature mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich and a shot of amaro. You’ll spoon out a little channel in the ice cream and do your thing with the amaro.

Maybe don’t wear a new shirt.

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