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Duck-Mole Tacos and Margaritas on Market

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We trust you’ve got this holiday-weekend thing covered.

But on the off chance it’s short on duck-mole tacos and gin that’s been set on fire...

Now’s a good time to create a Tuesday night appointment in your phone for the opening of Hecho, a handsome Castro cantina that’s not afraid of a little actual fire atop an alcoholic beverage. (See the slideshow here.)

Come on in. Someone might slap you on the back heartily. No someones might do that. But there’s a real friendly vibe happening, a sense that a big brown leather horseshoe booth under some roped-up pendant lights and a wall of pesos is the right place to start a good night.

Then you’ve got some difficult decisions. Some illicit mezcal, neat, maybe. Or a spiked agua fresca. Or a Guns a Blazin’, with flaming gin. Or a Pinche Picante Margarita, with jalapeño-infused tequila.

Then things get remarkably easier. Just kidding, it’s awful. Because then you have to decide between albondigas, taquitos, duck-mole tacos, fajitas, slow-roasted chicken, fried avocado and other stuff.

Nobody’s saying it’s a defining life moment.

But sometimes people don’t say the things they mean.


2200 Market St
(at Sanchez)
San Francisco, CA, 94114


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