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A Snug Little Bistro in Brickell

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Home. It’s where the heart is.

And... where you hang your hat.

And... a place you can always go back to.

But only if they’re serving mason jar cocktails.


Brush off the welcome mat at La Boca House, a snug little bistro where comfort food gets the special treatment and mason jars get... a stiff drink, soft-open now in Brickell.

Look, we’re just going to let the pictures do the talking...

See that? (Of course you do.) That’s a brie-and-bacon-topped burger sidled up next to creamy blue-cheese fries. We’re looking out for your calcium intake over here.

And those are tuna nachos: homemade tortilla chips topped with fresh red tuna, guac and seaweed salad.

This is one of their mason jar cocktails. This one’s made with an iridescent prosecco-laced liqueur.

Oh, and look, there’s a patio.

But you probably already guessed that.


La Boca House
1250 S Miami Ave
Miami, FL, 33130


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