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Bunch of Ice Cream Bars with Booze in Them

None It’s going to get cold soon.

And when it does, that would not be the best time to enjoy a chocolate-covered, alcohol-filled, ice-creamy delight on a stick.

But, hey, now’s a pretty good time.

Put down your glass and raise a BuzzBar, a new assortment of ice cream bars filled with that stuff that sometimes makes things more fun, now available online for overnight delivery.

You’ve got seven flavors here, each with a different blend of ice cream and spirit. And you can’t buy less than 12 at a time. For better or worse. Kidding, better. Always better.

Henceforth: your bars, paired with your suggested occasions...

The strawberry and rum one: For lounging poolside while “Groove Is in the Heart” plays from fake-stone speakers.

The raspberry and lemon-vodka one: For hanging out with someone who probably just wants to dance.

The coffee and Irish cream one: For an unbalanced breakfast.

The chocolate and whiskey one: For pairing with more whiskey.

The vanilla and cognac one: For delivering a monologue into the camera.

The cookies-and-cream and bourbon one: For dipping in milk?

The berry and merlot one: It’s called the Larry King Heart Bar. So it’s for having pointy shoulders and wearing suspenders.

A Larry King joke is what that was.

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