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Belgian Beer Café Is What You Think It Is

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Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Three of these four Belgian treasures are now in NoMad.

At Belgian Beer Café, a massive house of beers from the world’s 75th-most-populous nation, opening Thursday. (See the slideshow here.)

If you’re into Belgian beers—amber ones, blonde ones, brunette ones, ones made by men who’ve taken vows of silence—this is your spot. (If not, you may want to get that checked out.)

But assuming you are, and assuming you either a) occasionally take lunch, or b) occasionally enjoy this “beer” substance following a day of occupational effort, come with us on this visual journey. One with intense pots of beer-cooked mussels, large chunks of dippable charcuterie and a pretty damn beautiful concoction of beer and Campari.

... There’s always hope for Van Damme.

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