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Dinner and Cocktails at One Arts Plaza

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It’s important to support the arts.

Donating money, seeing shows, drinking sherry cobblers alongside tomahawk pork chops...

Hey, everyone’s gotta do their part.

You can pitch in at Proof + Pantry, a pleasant hangout for pre-/post-show dinners and dedicating entire evenings to good cocktails. It officially opens Wednesday at One Arts Plaza. (See the slideshow here.)

This is the latest salvo from Michael Martensen and team (Driftwood, formerly Cedars Social and Smyth). And they’ve rehabbed a cozy 1,900 square feet into a rustic looker of blue banquettes, wooden shelves and yellow-subway-tiled walls.

If you’re just here for a drink, post up at the 10-seat marble bar. The cocktail menu’s organized by No Proof, Low Proof and High Proof, so choose your own adventure based on what feels right. We’re betting a high-proof Old Fashioned or something spiked with strawberry-cardamom tequila feels right. (Here’s the menu.)

And when you’re stopping in for dinner, then you’ll do... pretty much the same stuff as above. But find a table big enough to hold you, a couple friends, a bowl of melon soup, some snapper crudo and a whole roasted chicken.

Volunteer to hold the chicken if necessary.

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