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We had a long thing written here that referenced Labor Day weekend, Tony Romo’s back, the War of 1812, the final season of Cheers, Maroon 5, Six Flags over Texas and Spider-Man Pez dispensers.

But then realized, wait, nobody is going to want to read all of that when there’s barbecue to discuss.

Make way for Ten50 BBQ, the largest indoor/outdoor ode to smoked meats and cold beers this side of... anywhere, really. Open now in Richardson.

Your journey begins outside. That’s where the pitmasters tend to their smokers with a steady diet of hickory and oak wood. And that’s where you’ll queue up to load your tray with 16-hour brisket, St. Louis–style pork ribs and spicy sausage (see the menu). Remember: lift with your legs.

Then continue inside the high-ceilinged barn of a dining hall to secure some sides (potato salad, four-cheese mac) and a big round table or a bar stool. Drink a couple beers, sample a Texas whiskey, ask your friend if they are indeed going to finish that last bite.

Also, know that for now it’s lunch only, but they’ll start dinner service soon. Which will basically be the same as lunch service, except it’ll be darker outside.

Relax, they’ve got lights.


Ten50 BBQ
1050 N Central Expy
Richardson, TX, 75080


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