Things to do for August 21, 2014

The Weekender

Pizza Negronis and at Least One Boat

Dream a little dream of weekend.

Tiki Bar Alert. It’s a Good One.

Tiki Bar Alert. It’s a Good One.

Tiki Bars Designed by a Guy Named “Bamboo Ben”: Here’s a new one called Longitude, with all the requisite mai tais and daiquiris in a space involving monkeypod tree wood, animal print and, yes, bamboo.
Tiki Bars Not Designed by a Guy Named “Bamboo Ben”: Suddenly seem somehow inferior.

Now open, Longitude, 347 14th St (at Webster), Oakland, 510-465-2008

A Yacht Stuffed with Beer and Whiskey

A Yacht Stuffed with Beer and Whiskey

Time to throw some beer-whiskey-and-yacht numbers at you real quick. 15o: that’s how many feet long the yacht is. 30: that’s how many breweries have squeezed their way on board, alongside many more distilleries for Saturday’s party. 1: that’s how many Miami Vice themes are happening. Just the one.

Aug 23, 3:15-6:15pm, $100 (VIP $200), I’m on a Boat, departs from Pier 3, tickets here

UD Hookup: Use promo code “URBANDADDY” for $20 off the ticket price.

There’s a New Azalea on Valencia Now

There’s a New Azalea on Valencia Now

If you’re familiar with the original Azalea, you could probably guess what you’ll find at the new outpost: so much Herschel canvas, Naked & Famous denim and comfortable-T-shirt-ness. If you’re familiar with your body, you could probably guess how much it wants this stuff.

Now soft-open, Azalea, 956 Valencia St (at Liberty)

Oysters. Oysters. Also, Oysters.

Oysters. Oysters. Also, Oysters.

Something monumental is happening Sunday over at Fish. in Sausalito. It involves oysters, barbecued oysters, broiled oysters, oyster gumbo, oyster po’boy sliders and wine. To go with the oysters. Basically everything is included. Thought you might be interested.

And as for That Pizza Negroni...

And as for That <em>Pizza Negroni...</em>

Here’s what’s happening at Trick Dog’s Sunday night dinner. Three courses of food, that’s what’s happening. The first course, fritto misto, is paired with a Pizza Negroni, which involves some tomato water and mozzarella-washed gin. Hard to worry about what the other two courses might involve.

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