Shivas Bar & Grill

Second to Naan

Lower Greenville’s First Indian Restaurant

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The time: 2am.

The place: Lower Greenville.

The need: Indian food.

The solution: Ha, right, good luck with... wait, what’s that now?

Make the acquaintance of Shivas Bar & Grill, Lower Greenville’s newest (and only-est) Indian spot, open now.

Inside, it’s... not like your typical Indian spot. Traditional sculptures: sure. But ornate chandeliers and a trellised wine wall: also yes. Sort of a Bombay-meets-old-Europe vibe. (Underutilized, that. See proof in the slideshow.)

By all means, come here for dinner. That makes a lot of sense, them having tables and chairs and samosas and plates of lamb korma and a full bar for drinking 22-ounce Kingfishers and all. (Here’s the menu.)

But Fridays and Saturdays, the current plan calls for this place to stay open until 3am. Which means late nights at the Blind Butcher can be followed by even later nights here.

No way that’s a bad idea.

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