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Burgers and Beers and 70-Inch TVs

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Remember Bonchon?

Of course you do. It only closed, like, 10 days ago.

Well, a new concept is moving in.

Yes, already.

Good, you were never much for waiting.

So go meet the newcomer. Its name is Ashwood, it’s got a thing for burgers and draft beers, and it’s opening tomorrow on Greenville.

So to give you a head start, here: some things you might like to know.

The interior got an update.
The curved bar and wooden booths stayed put, but now you’ve got gray wood floors, handsome brickwork (see the slideshow right here if you don’t believe us) and a couple 70-inch screens anchoring the bar. Those’ll come in handy come football season.

The menu really got an update.
The Korean wings and kimchi coleslaw are gone. Now, it’s more of a double cheeseburger and steak sandwich situation. Which is never a bad situation to be in, especially when you’re faced with the prospect of local beers. And we assure you, you are.

The shaded patio. It exists.
Step outside to find an inviting little patio with hanging plants, picnic tables and, most important of all: a merciful, shade-giving pergola.

Pergola. Fun word.

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