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A Loud, Weird and Wonderful Place in the KSM

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Uh oh, Krog Street Market’s doing things again...

And this time it’s Craft Izakaya, a new Japanese drinking establishment that also has many strange and wonderful things for you to eat, opening Tuesday in the Krog Street Market.

It all starts with a short walk down a glowing, orange hall lined with art made from wooden stumps. Japanese hip-hop is playing. People are laughing. Your hair looks ravishing.

Find a bar stool near the window. Your back will be to the rest of the market. Your face will be to the Proof and Provision vet setting you up with a boba cocktail called The Gorilla Whale with vodka and popcorn-green-tea syrup. Your stomach will be where it always is.

And eventually, it’ll either guide you to the sushi bar or the wooden loft area for some yakitori of the chicken heart, pork neck or intestine variety that was cooked on a charcoal grill from Japan.

When the dust finally settles, make sure to stop by the cotton candy machine up front for some cotton candy.

We’re sure that made perfect sense to someone at the time.

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