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An Oyster Bar in a 1930s Gas Station

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Look, we’re not going to waste any time.

Mignonette. It’s here.

You read right: Danny Serfer and Ryan Roman’s class act of an oyster bar is finally opening this Friday in Edgewater. (Go ahead, check out the slideshow.)

The Force is strong with this one. On one hand, you’ve got the chef behind Blue Collar. And on the other, the discerning taste buds of the guy behind Miami’s Restaurant Power Rankings. It’s culinary kismet, really.

And it’s made its way to a 1930s gas station and transformed it into a mid-century throwback: copper lanterns from the French Quarter, marble tabletops and the occasional fire grenade lying about. (Don’t worry, they’ve been detonated... maybe.)

Now, you’ve got a couple ways of going about this: the golden camel banquette up against the exposed brick wall—recommended for a third date consisting of the Double Fancy seafood tower teeming with oysters, king crab, lobster, caviar and a bottle of champagne. Or...

The raw bar. It’s the stretch of Carrara marble with a giant movie marquee displaying the day’s oysters hanging above it. That’s also where you’ll decamp on Friday night with a House Aperitif (champagne, candied shallots, peppercorn) while Danny cracks open a mound of bivalves live and in person.

A slow clap wouldn’t be entirely out of place here.

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