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Houndstooth Is Here. They Brought Coffee.

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There are two proven methods for waking up in the morning:

—Cold shower
—Strong coffee

But only one is enjoyable.

So yeah.

Follow that fresh-brewed smell to Houndstooth Coffee. The long-awaited caffeine slingers have moved into the old Pearl Cup spot on Henderson and will begin pouring on Thursday morning.

You may know these guys. They’re from Austin, and they do magical things with coffee. And now, they’re doing those things here, which bodes well for your morning latte fix.

Inside, it’s all exposed bricks, light woods, teal bar stools and that general air of sunny, hang-out-all-day-ness. The bar is straight ahead, so sidle over to say hello. And then order a cup of their locally roasted Tweed drip, or request a pastry and a coffee julep (espresso, sugar, Pellegrino, mint) or something. They’re trying to run a business here.

But in the event that entering the premises just seems too bothersome, they’re building a walk-up window on the sidewalk. So that’s nice.  And you know what else is nice: cheese. Yep.

Oh, right, that’s pertinent because they’ll be hosting classes. Like maybe a Japanese-iced-coffee demo, or a class on how to pair coffee with cheese.

First step: acquire both.


Houndstooth Coffee
1900 N Henderson Ave
Dallas, TX, 75206


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