Things to do for August 07, 2014

The Weekender

Ribs, Bacon-Wrapped Dogs and 90 Beers

The weekend just booked Kenny Loggins.

Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs in Daylight

Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs in Daylight

Bacon-wrapped hot dogs: maybe sometimes they happen late at night on a sidewalk outside some bar. And now maybe sometimes they’ll happen at lunch inside Dirt Dog, which just opened on Figueroa. Your chair makes it more respectable, sort of.

Now open, Dirt Dog, 2528 S Figueroa St, Downtown, 213-749-1813

More Cafés Should Have House Tailors

More Cafés Should Have House Tailors

Things you can do at Levi’s new Commuter Workspace in Downtown:
1) Hang out and get work done.
2) Drink gratis coffee.
3) Get a gratis bike tune-up.
4) Visit a gratis tailor.
5) Test-drive a Japanese bike.
6) Not get any work done because you’re too busy doing 2 through 5.

There’s 20 Kinds of Bread Pudding Here

There’s 20 Kinds of Bread Pudding Here

Sawtelle today: Ramen spot, ramen spot, ramen spot...
Sawtelle starting Saturday: Ramen spot, ramen spot, new dessert place featuring over 20 types of bread pudding and donut ice cream sandwiches, ramen spot...

Soft-opens Aug 9, open Thu-Sun only to start, B Sweet Dessert Bar, 2005 Sawtelle Blvd, 310-963-7213

Last Call for Ribfest

Last Call for Ribfest

Point is: ribs. Suzanne Goin and the Lucques crew are smoking their annual load of them. If you haven’t already booked a dinner, that’s off the table now—but they’ll throw in a gratis cocktail with your lunch reservation while they’re still available. Ribs: the gift that keeps on giving.

Aug 10, noon-3pm, $55, Lucques, 8474 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, reservations required at 323-655-6277

Oh, Just 90 Kegs of Good Stuff

Oh, Just 90 Kegs of Good Stuff

When you’re staring down a few good beer options, it can be tricky to make the right decision. Well, Blue Palms celebrates its sixth anniversary on Sunday... with more than 90 kegs of rare cask ales, oak-brewed beers and special releases. This won’t be easy. But we have faith in you.

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