Awl for One

Meet Your Shoe Guys. They’re in the Internet.

Occasions you need shoes for:

Going to work.

Entering a store.

Playing hopscotch.

Holding your wallet at the beach.

Tap dancing.

Fire drills.

Quick escapes.

Generally being a person in public.

Wow, you need Awl & Sundry more than we thought. It’s a new website where you design your own handmade shoes from the stitching up, and it’s online now. Or anytime, really.

They’ve got all these behind-the-scenes master shoemakers just waiting to sew you a pair of foot sheaths that the world has never seen. Mostly because you’re about to make them up.

How it works: go to the site and click “create a custom shoe.” There’ll be a shoe front and center on your screen. It’ll change as you pick your style (oxford, loafer...), your material (suede, alligator...) and, you know, other stuff that goes on shoes. Lot of options happening here. Then, they’ll deliver them to you.

And depending on your invention, you may or may not be picking up your next date in a pair of sea-green, ostrich-leather, monk-strap numbers that look just so.

Hell, maybe even a color other than sea green.

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