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Nozawa’s Tiny Downtown Hand Roll Bar

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Look, nobody’s saying your chopstick dexterity is anything short of majestic.

But when the Nozawa/Sugarfish squad wants you to have some hand rolls, well, you’ll have some hand rolls.

And you shall have them at KazuNori, a tiny new bar serving pretty much nothing but raw fish with warm rice inside seaweed paper cones, opening Tuesday in Downtown.

Simple setup here. Just a 22-stool wooden sushi bar in a small, streamlined room. So not a lot of distractions from the seven-item checklist menu of hand rolls stuffed with very good things. Like lobster, bay scallops and blue crab. Those kinds of good things.

You’ll also find their sliced roll equivalents on there, plus a daily sashimi option and the best hand roll accessories around—beer and sake. So we see you here for a quick lunch with your sleeves rolled up. It’s that kind of place. There are no reservations, so you’ll just show up as close to the 11:30am opening as possible.

Funny how seafood helps with punctuality.

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