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Donuts. Coffee.

Need we say more? Probably not, but here goes anyway...

Take a look inside District Doughnut, a perfectly straightforward spot serving only coffee and fantastic donuts, soft-opening next week across from the Marine Barracks.

Now, being that these folks have been catering and popping up at events for two years, you may have had their wares. But now they’ve got this clean-looking spot, all done up in glass, white tile and aqua blue. You won’t stay long; it’s more of a grab-and-go operation, whether it’s for breakfast or a donut nightcap on weekends (they’ll be open until midnight).

As for those wares... well, here are the important takeaways:

—They’re smaller than you’re used to. So get three different ones.

The dough changes with the donuts. Hence, the Lemon Meringue donut (topped with torched meringue) is made with lemon-zest dough. The Cannoli (yep, filled with ricotta) gets vanilla-bean dough. And the Mocha Crunch gets espresso dough.

—Speaking of caffeine, they use Compass coffee, the new local roastery by two ex-marines.

They’re good at getting up early.


District Doughnut
749 8th St SE
(at I)
Washington, DC, 20003


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