The Man with the Plin

Chef Alioto’s Raviolo al Uovo Lands on Valencia

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Seven Hills came along at an important time in your life.

You’d just been bounding along aimlessly, tumbling through Italian restaurants and thinking ravioli dishes couldn’t possibly just be one giant pie-size orb of eggy, spinach-y, ricotta-y deliciousness.

Hard to imagine that was the same person as the one staring back at you in the mirror today.

And now, meet Plin, the much-anticipated new Italian spot from the man behind Seven Hills, opening Friday in the Mission.

It’s almost kind of comical, really. A shareable orb of Raviolo al Uovo. A couple rounds of Ambassadors (gin, lime, lemongrass syrup and Thai basil) from the full bar. An Alioto in the kitchen. A turquoise banquette beckoning in the distance. This spot is a date spot in such a way that makes other date spots now seem like... alleged date spots.

In the event that you’re curious what else they have here: sure, okay. It’s good to ask these kinds of questions. Because they also have fried lobster. And seafood lasagna. And chicken-liver-mousse lollipops.

They take three licks.

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