Ocopa Mundial

Pisco Cocktails and Rotisserie Meats on H

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Everything’s coming up South American lately.

And here’s H Street, getting in on the act.

It’s almost time to hole up at Ocopa, a dark, narrow, potentially romantic Peruvian enclave of ceviche and pisco, soft-opening later this week.

This is the kind of place to keep in your back pocket for date night—a small spot where you can knowingly drop in early to beat the rush. You’ll see lots of concrete, steel, mural art and lightbulbs in metal pails. And a long bar that looks into the open kitchen, so might as well sit there.

Job one: secure one of the many pisco cocktails, mixed as they are with stuff like cocoa beans, smoked-coconut milk and grilled-pineapple juice. (Insider tip: they’ll turn any cocktail into an instant slushy via the magic of liquid nitrogen.)

Then it’s on to a rotating lineup of Peruvian sashimi, ceviches served in clay pots and sardine tins, and main courses like ravioli with confit hen.

If all the seats are full, just head out to the back patio, where you’ll find a bar and a smaller menu centered on rotisserie meats like lamb and pork.

It’s the Machu Picchu of... back patios.

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