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Homemade Pies from a Miami Firefighter

8 Photos Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop & Cafe
None 8 Photos Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop & Cafe
Firefighters have a pretty tough gig.

You know, rescuing people, putting out 3,000-degree flames, nailing down the perfect lattice top for an apple pie...

Grab a slice at Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop & Cafe, a funky hole-in-the-wall churning out pies baked by a City of Miami firefighter, open now in Wynwood.

There’s this firefighter. His name is Derek. And he’s been baking pies for almost 16 years. Really good pies. So good, he’s gone and opened up a permanent spot for himself. Nice one, Derek.

It’s a sliver of a space. Looks kind of like a fire station, too: brick walls, a corrugated metal ceiling and... psychedelic slices of pie graffitied out front.

Because what you’re coming here for is pie. Key lime. Banana cream. Crack (pie). There are four different kinds at your disposal every day. You can buy them by the slice. Or whole. Allegedly, they go pretty well with the Panther cold-brew coffee here. Allegedly.

Soon, Derek will be rolling out his sandwich artistry for lunch. It’ll be real hearty fare. Stuff firefighters typically eat.

No, you can’t have them à la mode.


Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop & Cafe
2818 N Miami Ave
Miami, FL, 33127


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