’Kan Do

Pork, Beer and a Shady Patio in Decatur

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Quick foreign language lesson:

In parts of Asia, “makan” means “eat.”

In parts of Decatur: “Makan” means “a moody new restaurant with Asian street food from two guys (one of them an Ecco vet) who grew up working in their parents’ Chinese-American restaurants.” It doesn’t mean it’s opening Thursday, but it’s still doing that.

Look for two rather formidable wooden doors on Clairemont. Open them. Hello, patio with cypress-and-steel picnic tables, string lighting and a glass door over to the right. Open that glass door. Hello, bar with a mural inspired by vintage Chinese matchbooks and dining room with an open kitchen.

If you’re looking for a few distractions to help clear your mind after work, this’ll be the place.

Distraction #1: The menu itself. It’s set up like a quarterly newspaper. Japanese street market on the cover. Vintage PSAs inside. Family photos throughout.

Distraction #2: A Seoul Slinger or two. They come in tiki mugs full of light and dark rum, pineapple and cucumber.

Distraction #3: Overseeing the preparation of your seafood pancakes with octopus, smoked clams and shrimp at the chef’s counter.

Distraction #4: Squirrel!


at Courtyard Atlanta Decatur
130 Clairemont Ave, Ste 100
Decatur, GA 30030


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