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A Scene-y Italian Stunner Comes to SoFi

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Things from New York are not automatically awesome.

See: the Mets.

But when they involve bacon-topped clams, you’ll give them a chance.

So roll out the red carpet for Il Mulino New York, a scene-y date-night nook from the Big Apple that just so happens to put out a heck of an Italian spread, opening in SoFi tonight.

Il Mulino. It’s that high-profile Italian spot beloved by Clooney and Bill Murray (your motto: “In Clooney We Trust”). So, yes, it’s impressive—all stark white and marble. Replicas of Vogue and New Yorker covers splashed up on the walls. Waiters lining the sides of the room, standing at the ready. Which is to say...

You’re coming here to make an impression. Or to eat an expertly prepared veal steak. Either way, you’ll want to request the corner table by the kitchen and make nice with a big glass of Chianti and bacon-topped clams. A little ravioli in a champagne-truffle-cream sauce couldn’t hurt either.

Naturally, this situation is going to call for a big finish. That’s when you’ll ask for the Aranci Affogate al Grand Marnier. It’s oranges that are soaked in Grand Marnier tableside and lit into flames.

So you do wear your sunglasses at night.


Il Mulino New York
840 1st St
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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