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Whiskey Paradise. This Is It.

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Whiskey, whisky, cognac, brandy, rum, tequila.

Today is about those things and those things alone.

So if you’re still interested...

Copper & Oak now exists. It’s a tiny new LES bar from the Brandy Library people, it’s open now, and you can see our slideshow here.

There’s only one reason to come: to sip the best dark liquors in existence. No cocktails. No vodka. Just eight stools, a couple ladders and two thin copper rails that qualify as “the bar.” Your conversation will be with the barmen, and it’ll be about dark liquor.

Menus are on Kindles so as to save a small forest from extinction; they’ve packed more than 600 dark spirits in. We closed our eyes and pointed at the following three things:

1981-84 Karuizawa whisky, a rare multi-vintage number out of Japan.

Glenmorangie’s 25-year scotch. Retails for about 500 bucks, aka the legal standard for being called “the good stuff.”

1963 Darroze Château de Gaube Bas-Armagnac. Vanilla-y. Minty. Made by a guy considered “the pope of Armagnac,” which probably makes the real pope a little jealous.

They’ve also got a token food menu with a “French hot dog” served on a baguette.

If you don’t mind that bit of treason, it’s a great place.


Copper & Oak
157 Allen St
(between Rivington and Stanton)
New York, NY, 10002


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