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Limoncello Wings, Negronis and Pie in Midtown

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Pizza: good. Hot dogs and fries: good. Hot dogs and fries on top of pizza: better.

Wings: good. Limoncello: good. Wings marinated in limoncello: better.

We could do this all day, people...

But instead, here’s Ribalta, a new pizzeria that hails from New York, is the opposite of big and will soon double as an official pizza school, hoping to open Saturday in Midtown.

We surveyed the important people in your life to get their thoughts.

Your friends say:
That the bar is a great jumping-off point for Negronis and Americanas, a pizza topped with hot dogs and fries. There might be a hidden meaning in that name. We’ll let it slide.

Your third date says:
They’d like some face time with you on the microscopic patio. They’ll have the gnocchi al pesto and Sicilian wine. You’ll have the twice-baked pizza and Scekeratos (Campari, gin, mint). Your third date is pretty controlling.

Your clients say:
The tiny pizza bar in the back (think raw bar, but for pizza) is a nice, neutral lunchtime meeting ground for hammering out final details and sautéed clams.

You say:
That it’ll make you smarter. And you’re right. Eventually, it’ll act as the city’s first Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli—a pizza school that’s been around for decades in Italy.

It says:
Nothing. It’s a pizzeria.


1080 Peachtree St NE, Ste 9
Atlanta, GA, 30309


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