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You know Hyde.

That airy, rather charming restaurant where you could credibly tuck away with a dinner date.

Or... maybe a reintroduction is necessary.

Meet Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails, the huger, patio-wrapped-restaurant reincarnation of SBE’s infamous celebrity hideout, now with former Whist/41 Ocean chef Chris Crary in the kitchen—opening Sunday at the old XIV space in West Hollywood.

It looks like a great dinner-date spot in here. A moody room of raw woods, Eastern carpets and hanging metal sprockets that all cultivate a breezy, arty Beachwood Canyon cabin vibe. For, well, a this-section-of-Sunset crowd.

You’ve got time to stop at the long white marble bar for a Pony Express—it’s bourbon, champagne, honey syrup and strawberry—and just so you know, you’re not far from a photo booth hidden behind a black curtain up front.

But your ultimate aim is a rustic wooden table out on the patio, under trees and a graffiti-scrawled mural by the wood-burning fireplace. That’s what industry experts call a clincher. Then comes the fried-chicken-and-kimchi buttermilk-biscuit sliders, sambuca mussels, a ribeye and, if the occasion requires, a four-pound lobster.

Oh, and within the month, they’ll open the lounge back near the entrance, full of the old bottle-service shenanigans.

Old habits...


Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails
8117 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA, 90046


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